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I want to make art so beautiful it brings people to tears

I want to make art so beautiful it brings people to tears. I want to have conversations with people that aren’t about the weather or other people, I want to talk about the expanding universe and the formidable depth of the ocean. I want to go out and explore new places, have new adventures with people who love and value my time. I want to eat different foods and taste the sweetness of a first kiss. I want to read, run, swim, have fun. I want to travel and stay curious about the world. I want laughter, joy, affection and love. 

I want to be in a boat with nowhere to go. I want to hear the ricochetting sounds of my friends laughter. I want it to be normal to cry without anyone telling me to stop. I want to trust every single word I hear. I want to see the depths of who people really are when they aren’t hiding behind a facade.

I want to stand on the edge of a cliff and not feel like throwing myself off but instead be curious about the shape of the rocks. I want to watch the person I love be happy. I want to dance until I can no longer stand. I want someone to tell me everything will be okay whilst holding my hand. I want the rain to wash away every bad thought I’ve ever had. I want to hold onto this yearning for more. I want this happiness to last. 

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